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It's safe to say the PokeBox Flaaffy body pillow they sold at a con a while back is my grail.

I'm also interested in the Banpresto Flaaffy DX 2001 Plush/モココ おねむりまくら with its sleeping bag. I've seen it go for auction, so I know they're out there, but I got outbid, so yeah.

Sailor Moon Business Card Holders

Thanks to Otsukai, I was able to get the Sailor Moon business card holders from here:

I got the one I wanted most that  had Sailor Mercury on it, but if I see any of the others around, I want to grab them too.

My feedback.

Leave me feedback.

Sales permission granted by areica96 on November 21, 2018.

All PKMNCollectors rules apply.

For payments, I only take Paypal and/or fandom merch.

I ship from Detroit, MI to anywhere and will use any shipping method you prefer. If you don't specify, then I'll use USPS. Since I live in walking distance of a post office and work somewhere where they do postal services, so long as you pay on a weekday before 5pm EST, your order will be shipped the same day. Otherwise, it will ship the next day. If you use UPS or FedEx, it'll take a day longer for it to ship, since it takes longer for me to walk to UPS and FedEx is not in walking distance at all.

I recycle to save money. If you want all new packing materials, then tell me and I'll do that.

If you're in Detroit, MI, then I'll do local drop offs, but I don't do COD. You'll have to pay ahead of time and we'll arrange the drop off afterwards.

Commitments take priority over quotes. To commit, just post commit in your post when you're posting what you want to buy.

Unless you tell me you'll be late ahead of time, if you commit and take more than 24hr to pay after I quote your post and send you a note, then you'll get negative feedback.

I do holds, so you can save on shipping. Feel free to ask.

Haggling is welcome.

I don't do payment plans.

Re-Ment Micro USB Cord Keepers

The Re-Ment Micro USB Cord Keepers will be $6.53 each, before shipping and handling. More photos and information about them, as well as my comparison of my Re-Ment Mareep Cord Keeper and Terrarium, are under the cut.

Pikachu and Voltorb: available

Piplup: fairychrissy

Rowlet: fairychrissy

Sentret: available

Arbok: available

Ditto: available

Natu: available

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Hard to Find & Grail Merchandise

I love fandom merchandise. I really do. Heck, the reason I started posting on LJ again was because of fandom merch! So, I thought I'd make a list of merch I have my eyes on, but I always have the darnedest time finding and grails.

First up, the hard to find merch. They're not quite grails, since for the most part, I can find them and some of them, I can even afford.

Kororin Friends Iggy

I know this exists and I know it's not rare, but I've never seen it for sale. I only want the serious Iggy. Iggy is ugly and before character development kicked in, I didn't like him, but boy howdy, character development hit him hard, so I definitely love serious Iggy!

Rozen Maiden Pullip Display Case/ローゼンメイデン 薔薇乙女達の鞄

I've seen this on Japanese buying websites from time to time.

Super Dollfie Souseiseki/蒼星石

This regularly turns up on Yahoo! Japan. The listings are a little overpriced, but I can afford one. I'm waiting 'til I find a good space to put it. It'd be a shame to spend so much and have it in storage forever.

Madoka Magica Digital Camera/魔法少女まどか☆マギカ×EXILIM コラボデジタルカメラ 限定3000台 先着500名特典付き 新品未開封 ソニー・マガジンズ 直販サイト限定商品

I have seen this for sale twice. Once was the Casio EX-S200 on eBay, for more than what I wanted for spend for how little I knew about it. The other time was the Casio EX-ZR20 on Yahoo! Japan for more than I can afford, but a fair price, considering it was limited edition and came with everything it was supposed to come with.


Next up, the grails.

Groundbreakers TFG Flaaffy

Since this is a from a canceled game, I doubt I am going to find it, but dang, does it look good! I wish I knew this game existed when it first came out. I never saw it advertised back then. Never!

Pokemon Car

There have been Pikachu cars of different makes and models and a Lugia PT Cruiser. I've only ever seen the Pikachu VW Beetle go for sale at an unusually reasonable price. I doubt I'll ever have one of these, but that's why it's a grail, right?

Old. Just so old.

I've been using my Google account to browse pkmncollectors and finally, I went, this is silly, I have an LJ account, I might as well use that instead. So, I log in and find out not only is this account old AF, but I have not logged in in forever. My profile and interests were so outdated, they were a blast from the past! I updated my profile, but it's going to be a while 'til I add all the new stuff I like to my interests, but I did fix all the typos. I'm also a bit bummed a majority of the LJs I followed have been deleted. I can't even find the dear who made this icon anymore!

EDIT: Go me! I found her! Jyuu soylent_icons was the one who made this Citan icon. But LJ ate all of her graphics. That's so sad! Jyuu's on IJ too, though, and some of the graphics from there, including this icon, are on here now.