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Hard to Find & Grail Merchandise

I love fandom merchandise. I really do. Heck, the reason I started posting on LJ again was because of fandom merch! So, I thought I'd make a list of merch I have my eyes on, but I always have the darnedest time finding and grails.

First up, the hard to find merch. They're not quite grails, since for the most part, I can find them and some of them, I can even afford.

Kororin Friends Iggy

I know this exists and I know it's not rare, but I've never seen it for sale. I only want the serious Iggy. Iggy is ugly and before character development kicked in, I didn't like him, but boy howdy, character development hit him hard, so I definitely love serious Iggy!

Rozen Maiden Pullip Display Case/ローゼンメイデン 薔薇乙女達の鞄

I've seen this on Japanese buying websites from time to time.

Super Dollfie Souseiseki/蒼星石

This regularly turns up on Yahoo! Japan. The listings are a little overpriced, but I can afford one. I'm waiting 'til I find a good space to put it. It'd be a shame to spend so much and have it in storage forever.

Madoka Magica Digital Camera/魔法少女まどか☆マギカ×EXILIM コラボデジタルカメラ 限定3000台 先着500名特典付き 新品未開封 ソニー・マガジンズ 直販サイト限定商品

I have seen this for sale twice. Once was the Casio EX-S200 on eBay, for more than what I wanted for spend for how little I knew about it. The other time was the Casio EX-ZR20 on Yahoo! Japan for more than I can afford, but a fair price, considering it was limited edition and came with everything it was supposed to come with.


Next up, the grails.

Groundbreakers TFG Flaaffy

Since this is a from a canceled game, I doubt I am going to find it, but dang, does it look good! I wish I knew this game existed when it first came out. I never saw it advertised back then. Never!

Pokemon Car

There have been Pikachu cars of different makes and models and a Lugia PT Cruiser. I've only ever seen the Pikachu VW Beetle go for sale at an unusually reasonable price. I doubt I'll ever have one of these, but that's why it's a grail, right?



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